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About The Company

The founder of HK Lighting, Mr. Hiroshi Kira, grew up in Japan and learned the concept of clean, simple design from his early schooling. After arriving to the United States and completing his education, he joined “father of industrial design” Henry Dreyfuss, where he continued to master the art of integrating design with functionality. His desire to create his own company – a company built on the essence of design and quality manufacturing– became reality when HK Lighting was founded in 2005.

Since 2005, HK Lighting has been providing its consumers with innovative, unique lighting products built on the principles of longevity, performance and clean design. By always working closely with the lighting design community, HK Lighting prides itself on being able to modify existing products as well as to create customized fixtures that achieve the designer’s desired effect.

But HK Lighting is much more than simply a manufacturer of fine luminaires – we provide personalized attention and support to our customers from the initial specification to years after installation. By working with us, you’ll quickly see how much we value our customer relationships, making us stand out as the top choice in outdoor architectural and landscape lighting in both quality and support.

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2151 Anchor Ct
Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

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