Introducing high-quality, low-voltage lighting, hand-picked to integrate. Turn your outdoor project into a masterpiece.

Integrating Excellence

We bring the same promise that we’ve kept with professional lighting designers—a fusion of timeless design, unparalleled quality, and enduring performance.

Hand-picked for Custom Integration

We’ve carefully selected a collection of outdoor lighting fixtures designed to elevate residential landscapes, making them the perfect choice for both discerning integrators and homeowners.

Elevate the Everyday

Paint with light to focus attention and accentuate natural beauty. Our lighting seamlessly integrates with your chosen controls, guaranteeing synchronized and elevated experiences for both residents and guests.

Accent & Landscape

Our small but capable accent lights range in size from 1.25 to 2.25″ in diameter ensuring you experience the light and not the fixture.

Use our compact ZXL08 for smaller features and when lower light levels are preferred.

The ZXL11, with integrated HK LED, and our ZX16 models, with on-board SORAA LED Lamp technology, are the workhorses for residential outdoor architectural and landscape environments.

For the ZX16, choose our celebrated modern side pivot design or more traditional center pivot aesthetic. Both versions deliver exceptional light in the same way.


With expertly crafted materials and a timeless design, these fixtures accentuate and illuminate while enhancing wayfinding and safety. Their tiny 1diameter profiles and quality optics ensure focused light with discretion.

Flood & Wall Wash

Whether illuminating soft structured ground plants or broad architectural features, our flood light and wall wash offering combines their small footprints and capable LED.

Beyond Illumination

We design our fixtures to see the light, not the fixture. Our light quality and projection goes farther. The low field-angle reflector design puts light where you want it and eliminates hot spots near mounting. Our fully adjustable Glare Shield provides additional light and focused control.

Lifelong Performance

With premium materials and years of design expertise, we ensure our lights withstand environmental effects and the test of time.

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