We go beyond the obvious, crafting inspired lighting solutions that are built to last, deliver exceptional performance, and embody clean and timeless design.

Our founder, Hiroshi Kira grew up in Japan and learned the value of clean, simple design from an early age.

With over 40 years of experience he mastered the art of integrating design with functionality.

Our products are built on the core principles of longevity, performance, and clean design.

Craft Customization
We work closely with designers to craft perfect lighting, customizing and modifying fixtures to create the desired effect.

Lifelong Performance
Made from top-tier materials and components, our products are tested to withstand challenging environments and the test of time.

Rigorous Testing
Every fixture is burned in and water tested at end-of-line to ensure reliable functionality and protection from the elements.

Timeless Design
Simple, sophisticated, and precision-engineered, our products are built to bring your vision to light for years to come.

Los Angeles, CA
Dayton, OH
Bellevue, WA
Yountville, CA
Los Angeles, CA

We take pride in personalized attention and support – from initial specification to years after the installation. Our commitment to building lasting relationships ensures that you can rely on us, not just today, but well into the future.

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“I am creating a paintbrush to draw light effects and art on a landscape canvas.”

Hiroshi Kira