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Accent & Landscape

Our founder Hiroshi Kira created the first accent light in 1986, inventing an entirely new category of products. Precise functionality and compact configuration merge to create a top-of-the-line tool for any designers’ kit.

  • ZXL08
    ZXL08 Square

    ZX08 Series

    Our smallest round, directional accent light for smaller plants, tree mounting, and architecture.
    Accent & Landscape | 1.25" dia.
    3W (200lm)  |  12V
    HK LED, Halogen
  • ZXL11
    ZXL11 Square

    ZX11 Series

    Compact round, directional accent light perfect for residential landscape and in-tree mounting.
    Accent & Landscape | 1.65" dia.
    5-7W (450-700lm)  |  12V
    HK LED, RBGW, Halogen
  • ZXL16
    ZXL16-I FIT
    ZXL16 Square
    ZXL16 CP
    ZX16 Square
    ZX16 CP
    ZX16 Square GU10
    ZX16 GU10
    ZX16 CP GU10

    ZX16 Series

    Our most versatile round, directional accent light for residential and commercial environments.
    Accent & Landscape | 2.25" dia.
    5-20W (450-2000lm)  |  12V, 120V-277V
    HK LED, SORAA, RBGW, Amber, Halogen
  • ZX20
    ZXL20-I FIT

    ZX20 Series

    Higher power directional accent light for larger plants and architectural applications.
    Accent & Landscape | 3.00" dia.
    21-28W (1900-2800lm)  |  12V, 120V-277V
    HK LED, SORAA LED, RBGW, Amber, Halogen
  • ZXL38-I
    ZXL38-I Surface Mount

    ZX38 Series

    Our largest directional accent light for larger commercial solutions.
    Accent & Landscape | 5.32" dia.
    54W (6000lm)  |  120V-277V
  • ACCENT & LANDSCAPE | 4.25"
    38W ( 3800lm )
    120 - 277V | Amber LED | HK LED | RGBW


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