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3×3 Hood & Glare Shield Options

Optimize Your Outdoor Lighting: Explore Hood Options and Glare Shields with HK Lighting

For our directional lights we provide three different hood styles and three different glare...

Illuminate & Elevate

Introducing high-quality, low-voltage lighting, hand-picked to integrate. Turn your outdoor project into a masterpiece.

Integrating Excellence We bring the same promise that we’ve kept with professional lighting...

Thermal Management

Finding the right FIT

HK Lighting is proud to have designed the next generation of Accent luminaires – the...

Hiroshi Kira Interview

Lighting Up the Japanese Garden At Night

As darkness cloaks the garden earlier and lingers longer during autumn and winter,...

The Art of Landscape Lighting

Must-have inspirational resource that provides you with everything you need to design and implement landscape lighting across multiple scales.

Following on from the critically acclaimed The Landscape Lighting Book, this is the lighting design companion every...

Female Swivel Stem (FSS)

Nearly 360º rotation of the luminaire

The Female Swivel Stem is a standard feature on all fixtures with a stem. This...

Turtle Friendly Lighting

For sea turtles, lighting can be the difference between life and death.

HK Lighting Group developed a family of Turtle-friendly Lighting Solutions in conjunction with the Florida...

Wet/Dry Construction

Hermetically sealed

i-Series fixtures feature any one of integral: ballast/transformer/power supply unit, eliminating the need for external...

Locking Mechanism

Virtually any aiming position can be achieved

The female swivel stem allows the fixture connections to be made, mounted onto a 1/2″...

LED Module Consruction

Maximum heat transference

The HK LED Module and finned heat-sink, feature conical mating surfaces that increase contact for...


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