Finding the right FIT

HK Lighting is proud to have designed the next generation of Accent luminaires – the FIT series. Performance is driven to new heights by coupling the high efficacy Nichia LED COB and HK Lighting’s innovative new thermal management method all while still delivering the unique aesthetic and peerless quality that our customers have grown accustomed to.

You may ask, “How do they do it?”

“We moved the heat sink. As is often the case, the simpler an idea appears the more difficult the execution. This was to be no exception. Thankfully our engineers were up to the task.”

Conventional luminaires traditionally use a solid piece of material upon which the LED chip is fixed that helps to conduct heat away from the LED. This is commonly coupled with the polarizing heat sink fins, which tend to create strong opinions, both positive and negative.

Chimney Effect

Always on the lookout for new inspiration, our designers decided to look at a tried and true method – air cooling, but with a twist. They added a secondary hood (or shield) around the inner barrel of the fixture, enabling the luminaire to harness the power of convection to create a chimney effect.

This causes the air that is heated by the LED to rise through the chimney (space between the shield and inner fixture hood) and bring cool air in from the outside. This then cools the fixture and LED in a constant loop as the luminaire operates and does not rely on any passive airflow for thermal management. With no requirement for passive airflow the luminaire can operate in any environment without any impact to the performance.

Marvel of Machining Capability

The outer shield takes the place of a glare shield and is available in a short, long, or angled variety. Taking full advantage of this new approach to thermal management, HK Lighting can now offer up to a 30W solution in the ZXL20i-FIT series fixture body. With the high efficacy of Nichia’s LED COBs this luminaire provides over 3,000 lumens delivered, creating a versatile fixture perfect for both residential or commercial applications.

The FIT luminaires also incorporate HK Lighting’s revolutionary i-series design with an integral power supply for each fixture. This allows true flexibility with controls and dimming protocols from phase dimming, 0-10V, DALI, or DMX, all contained in the fixture itself. These luminaires can also come equipped with an RGBW LED module in order to provide the perfect light for any project.

Please talk to your local representative, order a sample, and experience the right FIT.