Optimize Your Outdoor Lighting: Explore Hood Options and Glare Shields with HK Lighting

For our directional lights we provide three different hood styles and three different glare shield options. This approach offers exceptional flexibility and adjustability when aiming lights in the field. 

3 Hoods:


Features eight weep holes for drainage and a recessed design for enhanced optical control and glare management. This fixture is compatible with Short, Long, and Angled fully-adjustable Glare Shields that lock with a set screw. Recommended for upward aiming environments, where water has the potential to settle on the lens.


Same size and construction as the A Hood, without weep holes. Perfect for downlighting applications and indoor environments where water settling on the lens is not a consideration.


Designed for permanent use with a Glare Shield, featuring a surface-level light lens for easy debris clearance—ideal for areas with falling leaves or regular landscape waste. It offers Short, Long, and Angled Glare Shields that securely twist-lock onto a machined surface, eliminating paint damage from pinholes and allowing safe, repeat adjustments to the glare shield.

3 Glare Shields:


Shields light 180 degrees to focus aiming and prevent light visibility. Secured with a Set Screw or Locking Ring, permits both rotational and length adjustments. Perfect for everyday landscape aiming.


Shields light 180 degrees to focus long distance aiming and prevent source visibility, even when distant from the fixture. Perfect for longer distance aiming on mature trees and architectural elements.


Shields light 180 degrees to focus short distance aiming and minimize source visibility. Perfect for open spaces where fixture light visibility is possible from multiple sides.

Endless Possibilities

Use HK Lighting’s flexible Hood and Glare Shied options to create the perfect light effect for your project. Product quality and adjustability delivers today and for the life of the project.

Contact us to learn more about our hoods and glare shields. Our dedicated team with decades of experience is ready to assist you. 

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