For sea turtles, lighting can be the difference between life and death.

HK Lighting Group developed a family of Turtle-friendly Lighting Solutions in conjunction with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) under the Wildlife Lighting Certification Program.

As the sea turtle hatchlings are attracted by artificial lights and travel inland, they often die from dehydration, are preyed upon by fire ants and ghost crabs, or sometimes crawl onto the road where they are run over by cars. The program of FWC approves qualified lighting fixtures to reduce the direct impact and cumulative glow on sea-turtle hatchlings in ports, marinas, beaches, and natural regions adjacent to them.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission certified a selection of HK Lighting luminaires (Ceiling, wall-mount, in-ground) and reported that the submitted products met or exceeded all three criteria for Wildlife Lighting:

1. Full cutoff
2. Downward directed (ONLY)
3. High intensity luminaires that produces
a spectral output above 560 nm

The luminaires are equipped with Amber LED, optional Glare Shields and Louvers.

This certification authorizes HK Lighting to use the Official Wildlife Lighting logo.

Wall Fixtures:
ZXL16-WM-AMB   12V 8W
ZXL16i-WM-AMB   120V 8W
ZXL16-WM-SQ-AMB   12V 8W
ZXL16i-WM-SQ-AMB   120V 8W
ZXL20i-WM-AMB    120V 11W
ZXL20i-WM-SQ-AMB   120V 11W
ZXL30i-WM-AMB   120V 14W

Ceiling Mount Fixtures:
ZXL16-CM-AMB   12V  8W
ZXL16i-CM-AMB   120V  8W
ZXL16-CM-SQ-AMB   12V  8W
ZXL16i-CM-SQ-AMB   120V  8W
ZXL20-CM-AMB-RMD*   120V 11W
ZXL20-CM-SQ-AMB-RMD*   120V  11W
ZXL30i-CM-AMB   120V  14W

Walkway Lighting: